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FriendFeed: For The Foreseeable Future

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Bret Taylor said things in answer to Jesse Stay:

Paul Buchheit said more things to Jesse Stay:

As long as it works, I’m happy. I am at the happy balance between features and flow.

In regards to the “They could kill it at any minute, I need more certainty”… FriendFeed makes no money, they do not charge any money to use it and is only being kept alive by the passions of the Team and the users.

I have spoken to many of the Team. They are good people. Not a douchebag amongst them. I am certain that if anything like that was to happen, we would get plenty of warning.

Business as usual… Albeit a  little more ’secure’…


PS… Jesse Stay kicks ass

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April 22nd, 2010 at 12:13 pm

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Social Media Innersia, I Haz It…

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Hard to write this without coming off all FriendFeed Fanboi… but… ‘Because “EVERYONE” else is using it’ wasn’t good enough to make me love Twitter, why should it be for anything else?

Me Bitchlippin'

When “EVERYONE” = people I care about + lack of access on existing services, then I’ll jump.

With Google Buzz, I might have another look at it later… but when I have the tools to control what I see. I already have a solution with FriendFeed and Facebook (with even a little Twitter).

Google Buzz simply does not fill a need I have.

A simple reality check:

  • Outside my great friends on FriendFeed, most other people I associate with have a Facebook account… That’s it.
  • In my non-FriendFeed social group, hardly anyone I know has a Twitter account
  • In my non-FriendFeed social group, Facebook fulfills all the needs of a large percentage of online activities, from photo, movies all the way to gaming.
  • And the kicker… outside of the ones I have sent up personally on behalf of my friends for pure junk mail… NO ONE HAS A GMAIL ACCOUNT.

We’re all still fishing in the bathtub that’s floating in the ocean.

Same-ish (or worse features but better adoption) isn’t enough for me… it just isn’t…


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February 11th, 2010 at 11:32 pm

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Buzz??? More Like A Frenetic Hum…

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Google Buzz… ok…

Ekka 2008

Google product releases are now like being let into the fairground while they’re still setting it up.

There still is that thrill of ‘OMFG IT’S THE FAIR!!! WAHOO!!’ but if the toilets aren’t working and the Ferris wheel only has half the carriages, child-like giddishness only goes so far.

Then there is also the issue of filling the silence. The issue I had with Google Wave is I added everyone I knew JUST to see it work, with little thought to future use.

My personal Wave account is virtually unusable now because I had the early ‘Accept’ disease… And frankly it doesn’t hold enough of a carrot to make me invest time in rectifying that.

Also, the use of social media has now matured. There is a certain level of expectation for features such as selective hide and lists. I want a scalpel, not a sword. I have spent many hours crafting my FriendFeed and Facebook instances into carefully managed gardens. Just because you’re shinny and new doesn’t make we want to invest the same amount of care if the tools for such management are still ‘coming soon’.

I don’t need ANOTHER social media space, so you better shit gold bars straight out of the gate or your get in put in the ‘meh, I’ll keep an eye on you’ box.

Basically, Google… it looks interesting… call me when the snow cone machine is going…


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February 11th, 2010 at 8:01 am

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You Got To Be Flocking Kidding Me

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I just read about This is a new service that lets you “Search for tweets from just your friends”…

Never really thought about it before but frankly, I’m stunned.

1) Twitter didn’t have this feature in the first place?
2) It’s took a third party to come up with it?

Further to this, despite Jesse Stay writing about this several days ago (Just in Time for the Holidays, FriendFeed Becomes First OAuth Wrap Provider) the news just ‘broke’ that Facebook is using FriendFeed to test it’s OAuth WRAP thingy (I don’t fully understand it yet, but it’s something about something that sounds cool… I’ll read it and come back later with an explanation).

Now I tried my hardest to find some discussion on Twitter about this but all I got was retweets of the TechCrunch article. Poor Brizzly was loading more tweets like a mad person. I found discussion on the places the tweets linked to but not inside the tweets themselves.

This, once again from my opinion, just proves to me why FriendFeed (and to some extent Facebook) is a Mack Truck of discussion and discovery… and why Twitter is still a 3 legged donkey on a unicycle.


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December 22nd, 2009 at 1:34 pm

FriendFeed: All The Cool Kids Are Using It… And You Wanna Be Cool, Right?

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Hi, my name is Johnny. I’m here to tell you about a social networking site so good, Facebook bought the people who designed it.

What is that service you ask? It’s called FriendFeed.

That’s right, you may have heard of us before. We have been called a rival to Twitter or Facebook etc but that’s not really the point of the site. We are a central hub, an aggregator, a Twitter client, a RSS catcher, podcasting client, photo sharing service and discussion platform… The most important part? It’s a community.

It’s at this stage I would like to speak to all of you who are Twitter Fanbois who are going to fill my inbox with things like “there are communities on Twitter” and “I can have discussions here” and “Twitter is the place to be because everyone is here”. I ask of you two things. 1) Realize that this post isn’t for you. It’s not about Twitter. You won, congrats, don’t be sore winners and 2) Send me a tweet @jworthington with the hashtag #wrongjohnny explaining your point. Only 1 tweet though. With those two elements, you have 115 characters left.

OK, let’s get down to it.

FriendFeed is great for not only aggregating your social media happenings but those of your friends.

But Johnny, my friends aren’t here… Don’t worry, we’ll come to that.
Right now you probably have close to 10 different social media sites at which you have accounts or place you content. Imagine if you could have a place that would combine all those into one visual, media rich spot.

But I already have that with Twitter and Facebook.
You may have your content importing into Twitter but let’s face it, it’s just links. FriendFeed shows your photos, audio as well as a the first section of text and images contained in your blog posts.

Johnny, I have all these tools on Twitter that I use.
Excellent point, let’s go feature-deep. What are they?

Oh crap. Well, we don’t have that exactly.

Direct Message?
Ah! We do have those. What is great about FriendFeed’s implementation of it is you can DM more than one person. You can DM yourself (puts it into your own feed), your friends and a group (which we will come to).

But how can I DM a bunch of people, doesn’t that take up message space?
No. The structure isn’t built into the message. You can DM 1 or 20 people, just like email. What is even funkier is that you can have this set up through email so you can send a receive them just like regular email. Did I mention you can post pdf, docs and other media too?

We go about this in a few ways. Firstly, you can reshare the item into your own feed. This creates a whole new item. Also, on the share screen, you can click on the quick link icons to send the message directly to that service.

But we have Likes and Comments. Now this has been confusing in the post so let me explain.

If I am subscribed to you, I not only see your content but I can see the other items you comment or like. When you like a post, it shows up in my stream with the note that you liked it.

In return, if you follow me, anything I like or comment on shows up in your stream. Now this can be overwhelming at first but if you use our hide and block tools, then it will be cool. I’ll give you a quick run down on those in a sec.


Our search will blow your mind. You know how you can search for a term or terms on Twitter? FriendFeed search lets you pick who wrote it, who commented on it, who liked it, how many comments, how many likes… on and on and on. I mean, the creators worked for Google, they don’t play around with search.

You can also set up saved searches, lots of them, and you can even have them ping you when something new comes up. You know that whole real time web thing? We were kinda in the front carriage of that roller coaster.

The great thing about FriendFeed search is when you block someone, they don’t show up in your results.


OK, so do you guys have spam?
It’s very small, but the team have given us the tools to combat people we don’t want to see.

Very powerful tool. If you block someone, they not only dissapear from your feed, along with any of thier comments, but they can no longer access you content. The same works in reverse. if someone block you, you can no longer see them. Block at your discretion, but do block if someone gets too much.

Great tool. If a post comes up that you don’t like, press hide. It disappears. Don’t like the posts that come from a certain person’s feed (like or, press hide then go to ‘hide other items like this one’ and press ‘hide all entries from that person’s service’. Don’t like a service in general, no matter the person, do the same thing but hide from everyone.

FriendFeed is a garden, and like all good gardens, require some work to get a healthy bloom.

We have those. What is cool is if you make a native FriendFeed post, the hashtag links to a search within FriendFeed. If the hashtag is imported from Twitter, the link goes to Twitter search. Nifty, right?

What’s also cool about FriendFeed is we have groups. Groups are like hashtags except they are a place where people who share a common interest can share thier content and ideas with others. The great thing is you don’t have to be subscribed to everyone in that group for them to see your stuff or for you to see thiers. You can also share your items to both a group and your main feed so both sets of people can interact on the one spot.

So, here, I have created a group called “Hi, I’m New Here“. In here you will find a cool bunch of people who are willing to help you with any questions you may have or issues etc. A lot of my friends will be here and they are all cool people. This is a good place to start looking for people to follow.

But Johnny, like I said earlier, I have friends on Twitter already who aren’t here.
This is where you get to play Early Adopter. FriendFeed has made it so easy to join FriendFeed it’s not funny. If you click here, this will take you to the signup page. Now you can log in with either your Twitter, Facebook or Gmail username. It will even find those friends already here.

Now send your Twitter friends this link and ask them to take a minute to sign up, even if they just set up the import of their content and never come back. Now you can see their tweets ‘natively’. If you comment or like any of them, your followers will be able to comment, like or response to. You can response to tweets directly from FriendFeed.

Now, let’s just say a friend doesn’t want to do this. you can set up Imaginary Friends. Grab all your friend’s feeds, chuck them into an Imaginary Friend, slap on their Twitter icon and you’re away. Now this is just your imaginary friend so any comments or likes you make won’t be seen by others.

Failing that, set them up an account, email them the username and password and tell them to pull their butt out of their head.

But now everyone is in my feed?
Now that you have friends, you can sort them into Lists (Twitter stole that from us). You have one major list, called your Home Feed. This is what you see when you log on. Now you can take people out of your main feed and put them into other lists. This will remove them from your main feed but you can still see their stuff by clicking on the list name. you can even have that person in your home feed and a number of lists. You can set notification settings for those lists to be alerted by email or IM etc.

You can set up a Favorite Tweeters list so you don’t miss anything.

About that, there is a lot of content here.
That’s what Best Of Day is for. Now it is important to state at the outset that what you see doesn’t equal FriendFeed. Clicking on BoD shows you the top posts that have been commented or liked by the people you follow. Now BoD works inside lists to.

OK, but no one is commenting or liking my stuff?
FriendFeed is really designed to find information and talk about it with others. This really isn’t a good broadcast medium. The amount of time you spend interacting on other people’s posts correlates directly to the amount of interest you get back. FriendFeed is a party, no one will talk to you if you don’t introduce yourself. We won’t bite.

We are a great community, and would love to have your contribution to the discussion. We have a wide range of interests and talents.

I could go on and on and on about features but I have given you the basics to get started. Visit the room, comment and like and introduce yourself. I am always happy to help as well as heaps of other people.

Even if you just join, pipe your feeds in and leave. We don’t mind.

We aren’t here because we’re trying to be cool. We’re here because we believe this is a great place to experience the world, together.


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November 24th, 2009 at 8:40 pm

1st Job For Mr Kevin Fox… GET ME A BIG ASS BUTTON!

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I decided to pipe this blog into Facebook. Not only couldn’t I find a place or app preloaded on my profile, it took Damond Nollan on FriendFeed to point me to Inside Facebook article on how to do it.

Turns out it’s tucked away under Notes… and not even well highlighted. Notes???

Facebook should have a BIG ASS BUTTON on the main screen that says ‘Import Your Life Stream’. How can the company that wants to be the center of your online experience not be encouraging the importation of it.

Hopefully, the ninja-fu skills of the FriendFeed team will open them up to the Fox Affordance we have come to love.


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August 17th, 2009 at 12:07 am

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Why I’ll Have A FriendFeed Christmas

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First posted on FriendFeed: August 16th, 2009 –

FriendFeed for the time being is not going anywhere. For the past week the lack of information has troubled and angered me, especially in regards to the termination date for the service. Now, almost a week on, the lack of information now gives me comfort.

When ever you here about a take over of a car company or any business merger, the plans for both sides are well documented and everyone involved knows the road map ahead. So far, no one knows what will happen to and I believe that is because either that hasn’t been decided or there is no immediate plans to throw the switch.

Facebook either doesn’t want it or simply doesn’t care. They got the talent and that is what they were after. FriendFeed posed no real threat to them and a great majority double fisted the sites anyway. So, since it is not an issue to them… it’s not an issue to them. The site can continue to function as normal, with pace of updates and servicing slowing as time moves forwards… but it’s not going away.

It would be nice to get some form of notification but until told otherwise, it’s business as usual. Even more so, if some form of monetization strategy is implemented, say with adds or even a premium subscription base, the FriendFeed service could not only continue long term but become a profitable venture. Now I’m not saying it’s going to make Diddy-style dollars but Sanjya still eats well.

Am I naive? Probably. Do I have any basis for my prediction? None other than rampant fanboy love…. but I tell you what… on the morning of December 25th, 2009, I plan to make my post wishing you all a Merry Christmas, toast the FriendFeed team and enjoy the day with my family and friends, digital or otherwise…

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August 16th, 2009 at 8:24 pm

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I’m a bit of a tinny prick when it comes to guessing stuff here (I think, anyway)… So I am going to have a crack at the future of FriendFeed.

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First posted on FriendFeed: 14th of August, 2009 –

  • FriendFeed will continue to exist for at least two years.
  • Using the inline ads we saw earlier this year, an ad based revenue model will continue to support the running costs of the site.
  • FriendFeed specific development will slow as time is taken up by Facebook but most of the new Facebook features will be intergrated, if not beta tested here first.
  • Eventually some of the day to day work like moderation and small scale feature development will be turned over to certain users with a view to open source platform release once the holding period expires.

(BTW, a wink is as good as a nod to a blind man

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August 14th, 2009 at 8:23 pm

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Swinging On A Rope… Trust, Climbing and FriendFeed

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First posted on FriendFeed: 13th August, 2009 –

I do declare that this will be my last post on the subject. After reading Paul’s post about trust, I re-examined my reaction to the news of the whole Facebook thing. I have come to the conclusion that throughout this whole thing, I still trusted the FriendFeed team, I was just swinging on a rope.

Back at university, I loved indoor rock climbing. I use to do it at every opportunity I could. We were lucky enough to have one on campus and that’s where me and my friends hung out. In rock climbing, there are three things you trust: Your spotter, your ropes and the wall.

For me, FriendFeed is the wall. All my friends and I climb up and down it, sharing the experience and having a good time. The FF team are the ropes, the things we trust and the most and will help us from falling. The ‘FriendFeed Company’ itself was also the spotter. Watching us, encourgaing and guiding us up the wall, looking after the wall, managing the ropes and pulling on the ropes to stop us crashing.

So, half way up the wall, I awoke to find that suddenly, with little warning, my spotter had changed. I have to trust the spotter fully as we have to work together in sync. I would not climb one foot hold without knwoing who had my back. Worse still, we could not get any word if or when the wall we were actually climbing would actually exisit soon.

So, there we were. Half way up a wall with a new person holding you safety and a uncertin wall. 2 of the 3 things you trust in rock climbing were shaken. That is why I reacted the way I did (and to some extent still are). I still have the rope, and that’s what I am clinging to.

Now, there may be a great new wall coming, epic beyond belief, and this new spotter may make me climb that rock in ways I never thought possible, but, until I know where my next hand hold is, I’m just swinging on a rope…

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August 13th, 2009 at 8:07 pm

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Well… Super poke me in the ass…

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First posted on FriendFeed: August 11th, 2009 –

Look, let me start of by saying congratulations boys and girls. Seriously, you lived the startup dream. You built an epic product, gained a loyal following and then got bought out. I do not fault or hold a grudge againt any of you for that.

I truely hope you can bring some FriendFeedly goodness to Facebook, like the parmasen cheese on top of a bowl of spagetti. I fear you will just be incorporated into a massive soup and form the part that coats the back of the spoon.

See, I think that’s my problem. Last night I spent 3 hours trying to edit a podcast about FriendFeed. I have the shirts. I have the stickers. I have the fanboy love. I have a great group of friends who love and trust each other.

I woke this morning to find that not only have you been bought by a company I despise for their product, but you can’t tell me what is happeneing, when, how or even if the name FriendFeed will exist tomorrow or next week. We are in shock. You’ve broken our hearts. We have no closure.

I love you guys, and will continue to play on the deck as it goes down but all we have is “We need to talk”.

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August 11th, 2009 at 8:22 pm

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