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#JohnnysBeard totally \m/ >.< \m/ those who have supported #blamedrewscancer and #LIVESTRONG so far: 27th August

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Day Two… Let’s keep getting those donations flowing in for #BlameDrewsCancer and #LIVESTRONG:

सत्याग्रह {Bren}

James Fuller

(If I have missed anyone today, let me know…)

Doesn’t matter if it’s a buck or a billion… the simple act of acting matters.

Let’s keep rocking this thing till the beard hits the floor. Please use this link and donate what ever you can to the foundation. Then post on FriendFeed, tweet or update your status on Facebook “I #blamedrewscancer for #johnnysbeard making me donate to#LIVESTRONG”

\m/ >.< \m/

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August 27th, 2009 at 8:55 pm

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