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Buzz??? More Like A Frenetic Hum…

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Google Buzz… ok…

Ekka 2008

Google product releases are now like being let into the fairground while they’re still setting it up.

There still is that thrill of ‘OMFG IT’S THE FAIR!!! WAHOO!!’ but if the toilets aren’t working and the Ferris wheel only has half the carriages, child-like giddishness only goes so far.

Then there is also the issue of filling the silence. The issue I had with Google Wave is I added everyone I knew JUST to see it work, with little thought to future use.

My personal Wave account is virtually unusable now because I had the early ‘Accept’ disease… And frankly it doesn’t hold enough of a carrot to make me invest time in rectifying that.

Also, the use of social media has now matured. There is a certain level of expectation for features such as selective hide and lists. I want a scalpel, not a sword. I have spent many hours crafting my FriendFeed and Facebook instances into carefully managed gardens. Just because you’re shinny and new doesn’t make we want to invest the same amount of care if the tools for such management are still ‘coming soon’.

I don’t need ANOTHER social media space, so you better shit gold bars straight out of the gate or your get in put in the ‘meh, I’ll keep an eye on you’ box.

Basically, Google… it looks interesting… call me when the snow cone machine is going…


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February 11th, 2010 at 8:01 am

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