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The Blog Post You Write When You Have Writer’s Block And Can’t Decide If You Want To Be A Blogger With A Blog At All… Blog Post

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Seriously, don’t read this… It’s just me venting…

So here I am. I have a travel mug full of Coke and I am pounding away on the keyboard in what I hope is a Dam Busters style adventure into the written word.

For you see, I have been struggling for a few weeks on what to do with this blog thing. I have had several in the past, you know, bought the cheap Godaddy domain with the best of intentions but it never went past 2 or 3 posts, but this time I have to make a go of it or just give up forever. The reason for this now or never attitude is one site… FriendFeed.

I am in love with FriendFeed. It is everything I want. News, opinion, humor and above all, community. With this love though, I have discovered that I am a commenter, not a commentator. I would sooner throw in a 2 line comment than a long diatribe about this or that in a blog post. It’s immediate, the feedback is immediate, and I can move on. Dirty, quick but satisfying.

So… here I am. Staring at Google Docs page trying to write myself into writing. I have much to say, I just don’t have a focal point on which to scope my thoughts. I love photography, football (soccer), computers, Star Wars, LEGO, philosophy and my family. Politics as well but I am trying to stay out of that. All good meaty subjects, but see that is the problem. I don’t have the time to scrape the net.

I find things largely though the hard work of others… let’s face it, 50% of my most ‘Liked’ stuff on FriendFeed comes from Mona N, and I don’t want to simply just do a link post.

Alas, I have come to the realization that until I have something substantial to say, I will never be a ‘blogger’. I’m going to try, but I fear not much movement until… well… I don’t know.

Oh, and another thing, FriendFeed is a gigantic time suck… I have checked it 7 times while writing this…


Written by johnworthington

September 25th, 2008 at 9:01 pm