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Palin: Float Like A Moose, Sting Like A Beaver?

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I am concerned about the debate with Palin tonight. I keep getting the image of ‘rope-a-dope’ in my mind. Here is why:”

She got elected president of the Alaska Conference of Mayors. Despite being outspent by her Democratic opponent, she got elected the youngest Governor of Alaska and according to Wikipedia has about 68% approval rating there.

So she must at least have some experience speaking and debating in an official sense.

I am worried that either Biden will crush her so hard that he comes of as a bully or condescending or that she might have some game and is baiting the Democrats into underestimating her.

Time will tell but just wanted to voice this so I can get on with it…

Written by johnworthington

October 3rd, 2008 at 8:48 am

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