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Why I’ll Get An Apple Tablet (Pending Spousal Approval)

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If Apple brings out a tablet, that seems something I may be interested in. Here’s why:

1. I like Apple stuff and based on my history with them, I’ll have a look.

2. I tried showing my Grandma my photography on my laptop on Xmas day. Too hard. I just ended up giving her my iPhone and she swiped away with joy. Interacting with media in that way is something that is interesting to me.

3. I do a lot of photography and photoshopping on a Wacom tablet. If I can do that live on top of the photo I’m working on, that is interesting to me.

4. I have a large music collection, the only issue is at parties either the laptop has to be connected to my stereo or I have to surrender my iPhone with Apple’s Remote app. If I can hang a large iPod on the wall, or better yet hand that around, that is something that is interesting to me.

5. I don’t have a TV in my room and I don’t like having a laptop in bed. If I could hang a tablet on the wall, or even mount it near my bed, that is interesting to me.

6. Microsoft Surface. If Apple can build Surfacey-like features into this tablet, like music and photo sharing, that is interesting to me.

7. My 3 year old daughter uses our iPhones like it’s second nature. Unlocking, loading apps, playing games and drawing. Giving her a rich platform and a head start in the game is something that is interesting to me.

8. Cause it’s Apple and they make cool stuff. Being a fat bearded man in Australia, looking cool is something that is interesting to me.

Will I get one? Maybe yes. Price is an issue but it always is.

Will I get one on the day it comes out? Likely no… But then again, how many iPods did Apple sell year 1 verse year 6, 7, 8 or 9?

Regardless, I already have a piggy bank set up…


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December 29th, 2009 at 11:49 pm

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