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Umm… Remind Me Again Why Twitter Needs An Official iPhone App

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Why does Twitter need an Official iPhone app? No, really, why? Is it really that hard to use?

I’m sorry, but in my suspicious mind, timing is everything.

Apple announces iAd… 36 hours later Twitter inks a deal for one of the best iPhone Twitter apps and announces it will be free…

Yeah, yeah… “I wouldn’t use it if it had ads”… 2 things:
1) If you wouldn’t, then you aren’t the type of person who would click on online/mobile advertising anyway.
2) The type of people who don’t ‘understand’ Twitter probably would click, and why shouldn’t Twitter get a slice of that.

Let’s play Punch The Failwhale, shall we?


Written by johnworthington

April 10th, 2010 at 9:39 pm

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